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Notes: Your Choice, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • The Best of "Your Choice" Viewers' Wives 5
  • The Best of British Viewers' Wives 5
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DVD  20.00 GBP British Porn: The Best Of Viewer's Wives 05 6
   20.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: The Best Of Viewer's Wives 05 1
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Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Your Choice for the DVD

Your Choice say they were very pleased with the transfer to DVD and they have good reason to be. Having seen the original VHS tapes I can attest that the picture quality of some of these scenes was not always perfect and the DVD shows remarkable improvement. The trailer of Claire's Gang Bang from Viewers Wives 25 shows the most dramatic improvement, but all of the scenes in the main programme have excellent picture quality. In particular any tendency of the original to garish colour has been removed.

  • Jane, Kerry and Scott - Shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 21. A photoshoot that turns into an orgy with two females and two men, with additional male cameraman and the two girls at the end. Jane is the blonde and voluptuous Jane Hayes. Kerry is tall and slim with dark ringlets.
  • Kym and John - The other shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 21. Kym, the mature brunette of Essex Pub Orgy fame, appears in an M/F scene including anal plus dildo.
  • Sandy, Dee and Jim - Shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 22. Sandy (blonde, listed as Dee), Dee (brunette, Jayne [2]) and Jim, lesbian at first then threesome.
  • Holly, James and Andrew - The other shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 22. The ever enthusiastic Holly [2] is having sex with a man on the golf course when they are discovered by a golfer looking for a lost ball. A threesome ensues which adjourns to a garden and then indoors.
  • Robert and Michelle - Shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 23. Michelle, the brunette with the comic book fantasy figure (listed as Natasha [6]), gives her boyfriend a French lesson. She visits her boyfriend in a very short black skirt and brief top. She says she wants to use his computer and bends over the desk giving him a view of her almost bare behind. A very sexy scene then follows. There is just a suggestion that she has a French accent.
  • Leeanne and Melvin - The other shared bonus winner from Viewers Wives 23. Lee-anne McQueen is visited by Melvin (Mr Slurpy from One-Eyed Jack) in the same flat as is used for her Big Willy scene. Sex scene follows with lots of very wet frigging to a not-very-visible facial.
  • Jenny and Friends - Bonus Winner from Viewers Wives 25. This seems to have been shot by Terry Stephens and Mr Slurpy makes an appearance. Jenny is a very enthusiastic young brunette with a good figure. She has sex with a man who is possibly her partner and then Mr Slurpy takes over. Then she takes on both together. Then she is seen taking on three men on a couch. Finally there is a brief shot of her pissing in the mouth of one of the blokes in the bathroom.
  • Trailers for Viewers Wives 23 to 26 inclusive are included at the end.

An excellent selection of scenes, with Michelle and Jenny standing out in my opinion.

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