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Released: 2002
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews


  • South African Amy (Amy [4]), a friend of Bel, wants to try modelling in the UK and Bel has sent her to Uncle Ben. He meets her at the station and they go back for her scene with Pascal. After the usual blowjobs and vigorous fucking, she tries anal, beginning with a finger and then going on to a butt plug (including while being fucked vaginally). Then they move on to missionary, reverse cowgirl and doggy anal. The scene ends with facials with Ben hitting the eye as usual and Pascal cumming into her mouth.
  • Maja, a bespectacled Indian lady, arrives at Ben's hotel room before Pascal and they are in mid-blowjob when Pascal arrives. It isn't long before he goes down on her and then fucks her. They proceed to anal in doggy and reverse cowgirl positions and the scene ends with the usual facials.
  • Rebekah Jordan, making her third Ben Dover appearance in tiny tartan skirt and white stockings, arrives at the door to the room and greets the gang with 'Hello boys. I'm back. And this time it's personal'. She introduces Fay (Rampton) while naked Marino and naked Pascal are licking her feet. They put on a short g/g show and then Marino fucks Rebekah and Pascal fucks Fay. They then swap over. They share a triple blowjob before Fay tries anal, after being rimmed by Rebekah, and goes on to cowgirl DP. Rebekah gets analled by Pascal (doggy and reverse cowgirl) and then goes on to a reverse cowgirl DP. They then share a facial from Pascal. Fay wanks off Marino into Rebekah's face and Ben cums into Fay's mouth. The two girls then swap cum.
  • Finally Ben meets Navine, whom he has seen table-top dancing the night before when she agreed to do a shoot. He drives her off to a studio where she is put through her paces by Pascal, with a brief and light-hearted bit of CP from Ben. Karl arrives in the middle of this and joins in. She tries anal with both Pascal and Karl (doggy and reverse cowgirl) and they do a cowgirl DP. Ben and Pascal then cum in her mouth and Karl does a Ben imitation by jetting into her eye.

Extras include 20 minutes of out-takes from all the scenes in this film.

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