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Released: 2002
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Notorious
Notes and Reviews

The first scene here is a cut above recent American efforts. Someone has put a bit of thought into devising an effective scenario. It could have been handled a little better, but the effort must be applauded.

Jessie J is the new baby sitter for Emerald and Mark Cummings. They give her instructions and leave for an evening out. It isn't long before Jessie is on the phone to her friend Cheryl Dynasty, who comes round. After a while Jessie goes to the bedroom and Cheryl in turn gets on the phone. She invites two men round. While Jessie is masturbating on the bed, Cheryl is taking on the two men downstairs - DP and DPP. But Emerald returns accompanied by her drunken husband and catches them at it. However, we don't see this. We only see Emerald scolding Jessie upstairs and dragging her along the corridor. But Emerald has been turned on by what she found and she forces Jessie to have sex with her husband and herself. This includes Jessie being fucked by Emerald wearing a strap-on, including reverse cowgirl anal, being taken anally in the doggy position by Mark and a reverse cowgirl DP with Mark providing the anal penetration and Emerald's strap-on the vaginal. Emerald holds Jessie's mouth open for the cumshot but he misses. Perhaps he really was drunk.

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