< Big Tit Riders

Released: c. 1980
Director: John Fortune
Notes: loop, Rodox 679 (sub-label of Color Climax), 8 mins. Included on Rodox Video 358, Danish Hardcore 109
Notes and Reviews

Color Climax short obviously filmed in England from the landscape, a partial number plate, the presence of Tim Blackstone, etc. English overdub sound, but everything was dubbed then. In Rodox Video 358.

We see some horses and riders practising showjumping. They come into a stable yard and two female riders take their horses into the stable. They sneak off into the straw to have lesbian sex. One is a short, plump brunette (NK0519) and the other a taller, slim blonde (Ann-Elizabeth). The black groom comes in and the blonde flees behind some hay bales, but the brunette flaunts herself unashamed and the black groom joins her on the straw and fucks her while the blonde watches in shock, but shock soon turns to arousal and she begins to masturbate. The black groom reaches a cumshot. A male rider (Tim Blackstone) wonders where the girls are and goes to the stable to investigate. He joins in with the brunette and black male who has got a second wind by now. The blonde is in shock again and ventures out to tell him off, but soon joins in the romp, briefly being fucked by the black male and then taking a facial from Tim Blackstone.

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