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Notes: Your Choice, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • The Best of "Your Choice" Viewers' Wives 1
Notes and Reviews
  • Angela, brunette, solo and with husband.
  • Veronica, a blonde in late middle age with 'lodger' (Roger Cock of Northern Exposer, looking very young).
  • Kim and David. Kim is a brunette with short hair, tattoo on her right shoulder and a long nose.
  • Margaret (tubby brunette) and Angie (slim, blonde-ish) begins as a lesbian scene, then FFM, then both girls get in bath, then Angie and male.
  • Lisa and Jack. Lisa is a brunette.
  • Louise and Phil. Louise is another brunette and the best looking. MF scene but she also uses a banana as a dildo.
  • Rachel, blonde with an American or Australian accent, but Australian according to blurb, in hard core Shagnasty and Muttley scene from which the pick up sequence has been removed.

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