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Hollywood Video, 2001

Adele-Maria Hortshorn. Same scene as Hot Blonde from Sweden. Hand job finish over breasts. No slo. mo. cumshot in this tape.

John Mason gets out of his car to banter with his cameraman before crossing the road to a top floor maisonette, which in its front room studio we find Donna Richardson and John talking about the upcoming shoot on the sofa. Photos are taken here and in the kitchen where Donna stands on the units next to a wide open window, then John leads Donna into a bedroom to which we cut to find them naked on the bed. The customary blow job and 69 starts the sex, going on to missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and after a quick b.j., anal doggie and anal reverse cowgirl, another b.j. into a standing on bed doggie with hands on wall then reverse cowgirl, and from missionary position we end with an out of focus strong cumshot over belly and chest.

John is outside Gloucester Rugby Club because the girl is supposed to play rugby. For whatever reason we start the scene again in a road from where John goes to a house next to a Church where Celeste (unlisted), a shoulder length haired dark blonde in her 20's wearing glasses, opens the door. In the front room John explains the photo shoot and we see her partner is in there also, and with that we're off, and so are the glasses. During the scene, a mature blonde interrupts the shoot to get something from the room while Celeste protects her modesty with a rug. With the photos done and modesty forgotten, Celeste takes John upstairs to which we find them having sex on the bed in missionary position, then spoon and doggie and we see her partner watching and then joining in and getting a b.j. From this he has sex with her in cowgirl postion while she sucks John. Lubrication is now used on both cocks and Celeste gives both hand jobs at the same time. Both take turns fucking her and being sucked and John anally fingers her. John comes over her bum and her partner gives her a facial which even though she makes fun of she is not used to.

Music plays in the background during sex in all scenes, but live sound can still be heard.

Review by Ian

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