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(In-X-Cess Video) starring Beverley Cox, Red, Wendy Taylor, Leanne Magor & Maria Glasgow

There are 3 scenes in this video and it lasts approx 90 mins.

Scene 1: Beverley Cox and Red are playing tennis. This is the same scene that features in XXX British Hardcore Vol.2.

Scene 2: Wendy Taylor is sitting in a beer garden having a drink. There are 2 lads at another table, and Wendy starts to flash her knickers at them. They go over to talk to her and she invites them back to her place. Wendy then gives the lads a brief but graphic explanation of exactly what she wants them to do with her, and they dutifully oblige. The scene that follows is IMHO quite possibly the best scene that Wendy Taylor has done. She sucks and fucks the 2 studs mercilessly for nearly 1/2 an hour and by the end of it looks absolutely knackered. The scene ends with Wendy taking a cumshot on the face and tits, and the other on her panties (as you would expect with this series).

Scene 3: Maria Glasgow and Leanne Magor are in an office setting. Maria is the Boss's wife and Leanne is the secretary who is apparantly having an affair with him. Both girls have a long heart-to-heart ending with Leanne vowing never to lay a finger on Maria's husband again and Maria promising to get rid of that no-good bum that she's married to. Both girls then set-up a hugely successful Internet based support group for victims of philandering husbands and live happily ever after in the Bahamas! OK, I'm lying, they have sex on the desk. After some fairly frantic fingering and tonguing, Maria dons a black strap-on dildo and uses it to good effect on Leanne in several different positions. The scene ends with the girls removing each others panties and licking them as you would expect from this series. Maria and Leanne came across as enjoying themselves which always adds to the viewing pleasure.

Although some of the shots in this version are just the softcore ones used in the original Adult Channel transmission, there is sufficient hardcore material in there to justify it's re-packaging. Unlike the earlier releases available as R18 (XXX British Hardcore Vols 1 & 2) the last 2 scenes seem to have better quality hardcore footage and less looping and the B/G scene with Wendy has a real cumshot. I'm off to watch it again.

Review by Onan The Librarian

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