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Hollywood Video, 2001

Cast credits are Toni, Sarah, Kirsty, Lucy and John Shaggar. All match except Toni who John calls Melissa.

Lucy. At a housing estate in Devon John Mason talks to the cameraman about Layla~Jade and whether she is in America or not and about using her house for the coming shoot. At the house, Lucy, a young blonde with a small red heart shaped tattoo on her left breast, opens the door. In the bedroom Lucy strips from her white shirt, black skirt, stockings and underwear, while John takes photos. With these done Lucy says "Layla's told me about you" and pulls John onto the bed, strips him and then they go into 69 and then into combinations of cowgirl, doggie, missionary, rev. cowgirl and spoon positions ending with a cumshot over Lucy's belly, after which she sucks his cock clean.

Sarah. John walks along a path complaining about the rain and is next at a house where Sarah Carter lets him in. The photoshoot starts in the kitchen with Sarah wearing a short grey top and skirt, sitting on the units and floor, then moving to the stairs and bedroom. Photos finished, John wants a hug but Sarah wants more and as he strips she strokes his cock. Starting with 69 they go to missionary from which Sarah rubs her clit and carries on doing so as doggie, cowgirl, rev. cowgirl and spoon positions are used and re-used. With John on his back, Sarah tosses him off over her breasts.

Kirsty. In a bedroom, John walks in to find Kirsty, a brunnette with big breasts, giving the cameraman a hidden b.j. thinking he was John. Now realising who the real John Mason is she pulls down his jeans and sucks his cock with some near deep throat. Kirsty leans back, admiring her work on his erection and is asked if they can take some pictures first and with this we pan round to find her husband standing by the door. As John pulls his jeans up he talks about the confusion earlier and as her husband's name is also John shouldn't he get a b.j. as well. Kirsty agrees saying "just line up" before sucking him while kneeling on the bed. John drops his jeans again and fucks her doggie after lifting her skirt and pulling her knickers aside as her husband takes her jumper and bra off so he can feel and lick her tits. Now stripped, Kirsty continues being fucked doggie, only to be turned round and over for her husband to finger fuck and lick her, moving to missionary and coming quickly over her belly as John plays with her breasts. Now on his own, John continues with missionary, cowgirl, missionary and anal doggie for a time, back to vaginal doggie and missionary. Laying on his back, Kirsty sucks and wanks John off over her hand and continues stroking it afterwards. With "Photoshoot" on screen, the scene continues with Kirsty now dressed and on the bed as John takes photos and with these done he hugs Kirsty and at the same time in walks Layla~Jade as John looks to camera and screams.

Melissa. Same scene as "Little Frilly In The Red Dress". In a flat, we see Melissa, a young brunnette with a tattoo on top of her right arm and a rose tattoo on the outside of her lower right leg, answer the door to John Mason. On the sofa he explains the shoot and checks if she has pubes by pulling her short red dress up to look, saying he will shave her later. The shoot starts in the kitchen where her knickers come off, but stilll wearing her dress she is taken to an armchair where John shaves her pubes off. Now in the bedroom and after some more photos, Melissa wants John to play with her clit, but she gives him a b.j. instead, then he licks her fanny. Missionary position is first then doggie as John fingers her bum, and then as he lies down Melissa gives his cock a few strokes then sits on it cowgirl while John fingers her bum more deeply. After missionary again, anal doggie is used then vaginal rev. cowgirl. When in missionary John pulls out and comes over her breasts and face which Melissa then rubs into her breasts.

Music plays in the background as sex starts which is not needed as Lucy laughs and jokes and both Kirsty and Melissa are "noisy".

Review by Ian

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