< Boarding School

Released: 1970s
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, 14 mins.
  • Deborah-Jane
  • XNK0422 included in 70s British Porn 2. The second schoolgirl, the first being Deborah-Jane
  • XNK0445 included in 70s British Porn 2
Notes and Reviews

Two men and a mature brunette are travelling along a country road when they run out of petrol. One man goes off with a jerry can and encounters Deborah-Jane sitting outside the gate to her school in her uniform and holding a hockey stick. She chats him up and invites him back to her room later (all this in the ridiculous BBC accented overdubbed sound). Meanwhile the mature brunette (NK0445) is being groped and licked by the other man in the back of the car. The first man returns and they drive off. Later he brings his mate to the gate of the school. Deborah-Jane lets them in and they go back to the room she shares. They have sex and then her room mate (NK0422) arrives and joins in. They pair off. Deborah-Jane takes a facial.

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