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Notes: Playhouse
Alternate Titles
  • British Amateurs from Newcastle
  • Janni as Jenny, same scene as J10
  • Katy as J10
Notes and Reviews

Katy, who admits to having had one or two Jack Daniels and Cokes beforehand which have put her in the mood for sex, is picked up by Bob Scott and driven back to a flat. On the couch with Bob, Katy talks about her sex life. Then, anxious to get on, she removes her bra, hitches up her white dress, rips her tights and impales herself on Bob's rigid cock. Sex in cowgirl and missionary, then Bob moves to fuck Katy's bum in doggy through her white pants and ripped tights. More fucking once Katy is naked and a fine facial, then a reprise of doggy anal on the carpet ending with a second facial. Katy's mix of super slim body, great tits and air of vulnerability makes any scene with her a classic.

Bob's back out and about in the car looking for Swedish Janni who he eventually finds at a bus stop. The guys take her to a hotel for a no-frills fuck. Bob strips Janni to her pants, revealing a nice slim body, and gets his cock sucked before fucking her in all positions on the bed. The pair then move to the shower where they continue to fuck in the flowing water. This time Bob fucks Janni's arse then, back on the bed, she wanks him to climax.

Terry Stephens has travelled to Wales to meet Naomi and Ian and film them fucking. There is an over-long introduction as the pair explain the scenario of film they want to make. Naomi starts to strip on the bed amongst her three dogs, but any plot goes out of the window as the pair undress and fuck. Cut to the kitchen where the couple are dressed and enjoying a post coital fag when they start to fuck again. Naomi is a petite girl who Ian has no difficulty lifting onto the work surface for a face to face fuck.

More repackaged footage from the nineties. After the first scene the second and third scenes seem like padding, but this DVD is worth it for Katy alone. Buy it and see what the Britporn cognoscenti rave about.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2005

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