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Released: 2001
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Anabolic 2001

Rebekah Jordan (Kinky). US girls - Daphne Moore, Alexia, Rachelle Devore, Phoenix Ray, Sunrise Adams. Guys: Vince Vouyer, Joel Lawrence, Mr Marcus, Mario, Erik Everhard, Jon Dough (+dir.)

Each girl shows her ID/passport and tells us their age and where they are from. Each of the 6 scenes is separated by the girls providing silly, childish sayings or actions.

Scene 1 - Rebekah Jordan, 18 (?); 30mins.

Set in a bedroom with a chair & stool combination. RJ in white string strap top, white panties, white over the knee socks, strappy, heeled black shoes and a red plaid mini skirt. Sparse triangle of pubic hair well above prepuce. Her hair is in 2 plaits, high on both sides of her head.

She is fingered with her panties pulled to one side, her top pulled over her tits; sitting on a stool with two naked guys standing. They are wanked and given BJ's, alternately. She plays with her tits several times.

The guys lie on the bed, RJ in cowgirl, her panties have disappeared, leaning over to give the 2nd guy a BJ - she cums. One guy lies on the chair and stool with RJ in rev cowgirl, BJ to other guy, RJ lies on the chair/stool, BJ to one guy and anal, A2M. Next she is on the bed, near the edge, fucked in arse; one guy reclines behind her and gets BJ, she sits for A2M.

Back to the chair/stool. Naked except for socks. Rev anal cowgirl. BJ for standing guy and finger fucks herself. She climbs off - it started to look uncomfortable - bends over for an anal fucking from behind and gives the reclining guy a BJ. Changes places again and repeats twice. While in the last rev cowgirl, she is DP'ed.

Reverse cowgirl on the stool, then she is vaginally DP'ed. Looks uncomfortable again - come on, use a little lube now and then!! Then a change to vag/anal DP. RJ now reclined on the chair/stool with her head over the end of it. Gives BJ and then rims him, which is repeated, before he shoots into her mouth and face. He is replaced and wanks into her mouth. She waves goodbye, but with one eye closed as some of the cum has got in it.

The usual quality scene from RJ, more adventurous than the remaining scenes. Not as verbal in this film as others, but she spends most of the time with a cock in her mouth, and it's rude to speak with one's mouth full!

Scene 2 - Daphne Moore, 18, 'High School Girl', New Yorker; 20mins.

Plain blonde, with nape length hair, pink T-shirt with blue 'precious' logo, pale blue panties with a dark blue flower pattern. She is shaven except for a thin strip. Her tits are small and pert, but there is a mole over her left eye brow which was magically distracting. She spends most of the film sucking a red lollypop, which I presume the director thought made her look younger and girly, but failed, as it was just annoying. Her tongue is pierced, as are both her nipples - with bars.

Hairy, bald man with just jeans on, joins her on a sofa while she sucks her lollypop. She stands and he rubs her arse, pulling her pants to one side, and then oral. Her pants are pulled down to mid thigh, giving more oral. He pulls her top over her tits and fondles them, briefly. He drops his jeans and she kneels to give a BJ, then rubs the tip of his cock with the lollypop. This is repeated. He takes the jeans off, and the BJ continues. Kneeling on the sofa, more BJ and brief fingering.

He's on the sofa, her panties removed in a rev cowgirl. After some groping of breasts, her legs are raised and held together. She lies on the sofa and he fucks her while standing, before she kneels giving a BJ. She now lies on the sofa with her arse in the air, her head down on a cushion, being fucked from behind. Daphne now kneels to give another BJ, with a wanking motion with both hands, before stopping to take a load in the mouth, which she swallows.

Scene 3 - Alexia, 18; 20mins.

Set by a poolside. Alexia is brunette with long hair, a small patch of pubic hair, small pert tits and a tattoo on her lower back/right buttock. She wears a string strap dress with matching briefs - white with a pink and blue pattern of circles. There is an unusual sports seat which is reclined. Mr Marcus and friend, trousers around thighs - otherwise naked - are given BJ's alternately, and fondle her tits. Mr M stands and fucks her mouth as she is fucked. Her briefs now missing and her short dress pushed up over her tits, they swap places. She now leans over the seat as the guys continue. Mr M reclines on seat, Alexia get a rev cowgirl, his partner wanks. They swap positions. He then gets a BJ, with her bent over so Mr M fucks her from behind. She climbs on for a cowgirl and Mr M gets a BJ. They swap places. Mr M shoots into her mouth as she kneels, his friend does the same.

Alexia is almost silent during this scene, and shows very little response and while the chaps do their best, she remains uninterested and uninteresting.

Scene 4 - Rachelle Devore, 18, Californian; 20mins.

Blonde Rachelle has nape length hair, firm pert tits, a tattoo on the base of her spine and a shaven pubis, except for a small triangular patch. Her white T-shirt is raised over her tits and she wears a red plaid mini and a white g-string, this is combined with white socks and sensible lace-up shoes. Her tongue and navel are pierced and there are tattoos on her back and calf. In this scene she is joined by 3 boys including Mr Marcus. Mr M and friend get BJ's and are wanked. She is asked when she did her first suck cock and replies that this is the first time (?!). With one boy behind her, and Mr M and the other boy standing, she kneels - BJ's. They change and Rachelle is fucked in rev cowgirl by the guy on the sofa and while Mr M wanks the other boy is BJ'ed, before he swaps with Mr M.

A naked Rachelle lies on her side on the sofa as Mr M fucks her in a spoons position, as boy gets BJ and is joined by no.3 for a BJ and wanking. Her skirt is back on, as she kneels on the sofa, one boy sits on the back of the sofa receiving a BJ as she is fucked from behind. Mr M swaps with boy on the sofa.

Rachelle is naked again and in a cowgirl on a reclining Mr M, before she has her arse fingered and fucked. It seems a tight fit and at times uncomfortable. Again where's the lube? No. 3 gets a BJ. She becomes increasingly vocal. They swap around.

Mr M still on sofa, gives a rev anal cowgirl, then she is DP'ed, and a BJ for third boy. Another change - Mr M only (rev anal cowgirl) but then joined for a DP. Rachelle lies on the sofa, is fucked then gives a BJ, before anal again and A2M. Ends with her kneeling on the sofa, as they wank off, in turn, into her mouth.

Much better, though the editing was out of sequence as clothing came and went, and was at times sudden and too frequent. The scene was over complicated with 3 on 1.

Scene 5 - Phoenix Ray, 19, Nevada; 22mins.

Phoenix has blonde shoulder length hair and large soft natural tits. Her tongue and navel are pierced and she is completely shaven. She wears a white vest, a pair of sensible large white panties, a grey-blue skirt with a black check and a pattern of white flowers and platform toe sandals.

Standing, her arse is slapped and groped, then he moves to her breasts and squeezes and kisses them as she removes her top. With her gusset to one side, she is fingered and kissed. Sitting on the couch she gets fingered and given oral. He stands with her squatting for a BJ and holds her hair back for the camera, she fingers herself. She makes an excellent job of this with lots of twisting hand movements. He sits for a now naked Phoenix with her in a rev cowgirl and she wanks herself and becomes flushed, as he plays with her tits, before she noisily cums repeatedly. Phoenix now kneels on the sofa, with one leg raised onto the arm and is fucked from behind. She cums loudly. Lying on the sofa she is fucked and cums several times. Now in a spoons position she wanks herself then cums. Kneeling, he cums over her face. This is an excellent performance. Noisy and energetic sex, with a multi orgasmic girl - great ...

Scene 6 - Sunrise Adams, 18, Texas; 22mins.

Sunrise is a cute, long haired blonde, with large firm breasts and a tattoo on her lower back. She wears a red sleeveless top and large white panties. She has a small 'postage stamp' of pubic hair and a navel ring.

Joined by a hairy guy, she takes her panties off and her top is raised over her lush perky breasts. She gives him a BJ, as they are joined by another guy; they are sucked and wanked alternatively. Kneeling on the couch she is fucked from behind and sucks the other guy. Fucked in spoons position, and sucking 2nd guy, she becomes very flushed - vulva, chest and especially face - noisily cumming several times.

Now naked, she is in a rev cowgirl and BJ to 2nd guy - flushed and as noisy as a full mouth allows, she cums again. Anal spoons, a BJ to no.2; A2M, spoons again and A2M. Anal doggy as she kneels on sofa; no.2 gets BJ, A2M. Finally lying on sofa fucked with BJ to no.2, cums in her mouth, then second guy fucks her quickly and she cums loudly and he gives her a facial.

A keen enthusiastic girl who is worth seeing again; another excellent scene.

All through every scene, there is the same, annoyingly repetitive, inane, soundtrack. Is it needed? This time the culprit is named - Toby the Viking.

Review by BFU

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