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Released: 2001
Director: Corey Jordan
Notes: Elegant Angel
Notes and Reviews

Elegant Angel, 2001

There are fifteen scenes of girls saying how much they love to suck cock and giving the odd comment to the camera while they demonstrate their skills. The first scene, for virtually the only variety apart from the girl in scene 14 who does deep throat, has two girls, one showing the other how to do it. The girls are fine, but the concept has all the erotic impact of an accountancy textbook.

The whole thing is introduced by a clip of the start of Amira Love's scene - she is from London and usually works as Sonia in the UK.

Scene 2 features Rebekah Jordan as Kinky. She says how much she loves sucking cock, getting a face-full of cum and letting it dribble down her throat. Then she demonstrates with lots of spitting and licking up and down the shaft with the occasional comment to camera. She wanks him into her mouth but most of it misses; so she licks the shaft clean like the tidy girl she is.

Scene 5 is Amira Love (Sonia), the only girl who is dressed, though her black dress is pulled up to show she is wearing no panties, repeats the process, though she gets a much bigger cumshot into her mouth.

This is not the best film to showcase the talents of Rebekah and Sonia.

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