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Released: 2001
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's Barely Legal 11
Notes and Reviews

Scene 3, called Third Floor Fuck, has Jacqui Ebony (Ebony Sinclair) shivering in the park opposite an apartment block. A man sees her from his balcony and goes down to chat her up, inviting her to his apartment where it doesn't take long before they get down to sex - bj, fucking, anal (spoon, doggy) and facial. Jacqui looks great but the scene itself doesn't really give her the chance to shine.

Scene 4, called Tattoo Tramp, has Rebekah Jordan going into a tattoo parlour to add another to her collection. She has to show Valentino the ones she has already and this leads to sex, though it is difficult to say who seduces whom. Briefly breaking off for a pee at one point, she is fucked in the chair in various positions and then takes a facial. She is excellent in terms of looks and performance (in both senses).

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