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Notes: MPV V10
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This has two scenes featuring the same chap (presumably the Bob of the title). Kelly's scene has her being picked up outside Twilights night club in Sydenham, South London (I know it's Sydenham 'cos I live there!) before being driven to a flat for sex (anal, two lots of facial cum shots). Kelly is similar in character to Layla~Jade, i.e. keen to appear dirty. She chats about sex before ripping a hole in her own tights so Bob can fuck her. The shagging takes place on a black shiny sofa, so I assume this is where Kelly's BGAFD photo comes from. The other scene features Swedish Janni who is quite similar to Kelly (slim, pretty, short brown hair). She is picked up in central Croydon before her scene (anal, facial).

A great film considering it's just standard 1 guy-1 girl scenes. 8/10.

Review by Artful Alex

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