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Released: 1976 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Mac Ahlberg as Bert Torn
Notes: Video-X-Pix
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DVD  24.99 EUR Orgazmik: BelAmi Video-X-Pix 3
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: BelAmi Video-X-Pix 3
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Notes and Reviews

Harry Reems is a poet who has been hired by a puritanical magazine to write a report on an exhibition of erotic artefacts being put on by an erotic magazine. The owners of the latter get some of their girls to persuade him to come over to their side and write for them and they give him a small fertility statue. This he smashes on the road when being run down by a gorgeous blonde (Christa Linder) driving a sports car. He falls in lust with her but she doesn't want to know, though she is very friendly, turning out to be the girlfriend of his new editor. However, after the accident with the statue, he now proves irresistible to any other woman and has a series of encounters with various women including Maria Forsa, Jacqueline Laurent and finally Lucienne Camille (Sylvia Bayo) who plays an African princess. He climbs into her hotel room to interview her and she practically rapes him. Because of the way sex was shot in those days - medium distance shots being rare - it is not clear whether to conclude from the lack of them in this scene (and a couple of others) that body doubles were used. We do see a blow job, but only half of the face is usually in shot and the vaginal penetration is seen only in close-up. The owner of the magazine is impressed with his work and appoints him editor, sacking Christa Linder's boyfriend from the post. Thus finally he gets to make love to her (again only close-ups of penetration, body double certanly used here). A good sex comedy.

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