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Released: 2000
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews
  • Majella Shepard arrives at the studio supposedly to demonstrate her lap dancing routine for Ben's late-night chat show. This develops into a sex scene with Lee, the same bloke as in her Horny Housewives appearance, but Ben gets a blowjob too and the facials are much stronger than in the other video. The camera frequently lingers over her very prominent labia.
  • Amanda White and Cheryl Roberts want Ben to direct their raunchy pop video. There is nothing in the scene to support the boxcover claim that these are twins and Amanda's breasts are about three times the size of Cheryl's. Pascal fucks them both with anal for Cheryl, who again demonstrates her fondness for this, and brief A2M for Amanda. No facial. This scene does not include any of the footage of Amanda's TVX appearance where Ben asks her if she gets her tits out in her lap dancing act. When she says yes he asks "And were there many casualties?"
  • Tracy Williams, now supposedly Ben's assistant, brings flatmate Rebekah Jordan along for her first ever anal (on film or otherwise - and this looks as if it is true unlike many supposed anal first timers). There is a bit of lesbian action first and then they get Ben's cock out for a brief bj before resuming the lesbian stuff for a bit. Then Pascal fucks them both with anal for Tracy and A2M for Rebekah. Then comes Rebekah's anal debut in the spoon position with Tracy stroking her hair and kissing her while Pascal slowly and gently eases himself into her rear entrance, claiming that he has to think of his grandmother to avoid cumming. It takes quite a while to get in, but once there he begins thrusting and then lifts her into the reverse cowgirl position without withdrawing. They then have a break and Rebekah promises to do it again in other films - not for a while says Ben as they now have an exclusive. They then resume with Rebekah taking it up the arse doggy style with A2M for Tracy. Pascal comes into Tracy's mouth with her face over Rebekah's backside. Rebekah then takes a facial from Ben and begs to return for another Ben Dover video. We hope she does.
  • Mandy Milton is auditioned by Ben and Pascal. She is virtually fisted by Ben while she sucks Pascal. She takes an anal from Pascal in the reverse cowgirl position and Ben's assistant joins in to make it a DP. She finishes by taking three facials.

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