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Released: 1998 (2001 for DVD)
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: Private, Pirate Video 6
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 77 mins.

According to UK Select "Claire Grey and Michelle Addams are in most of the scenes". Claire Grey is Goldie McHawn. The only other girl in most of the scenes is Miralda.

1. "Broken Dreams" - Miralda, Goldie McHawn and Mike

  • Miralda walking in the snow dreams of an encounter where she is dressed in jodhpurs and a white scarf, but nothing else above the waist, standing in front of a mirror. A typical Pirate fetish scene follows in which she dominates the male, brandishing a riding crop, making him suck her toes. Then she is dressed in a red basque, stockings and red shoes. Anal, facial
  • The man enters a room to find Miralda in a black ball gown with a masked man and Goldie McHawn, also masked, kneeling at her feet and fondling her. The man looks on and masturbates. Goldie goes to him and sucks him while the other man attends to Miralda. Various combinations follow ending in a facial each

2. "Rubber Castle Bordello" - Angelica, Miralda, Gabriella and Goldie McHawn

  • In the brothel the madam makes Goldie lick the boots of a client and then suck him while the madam frigs her. Then he fucks Goldie, anal included, followed by the madam who takes a facial which Goldie licks off
  • A few days later - the madam, a client, Miralda and another brunette. Miralda has a short lesbian scene watched by the client and the madam. Then the two girls suck the client while the madam watches and wanks. The two girls take a joint facial and swap cum

3. "Austrian Fantasies" - Gabriella, Miralda, Goldie McHawn

  • Miralda is window shopping outside a travel agent's shop. She dreams of a scene with three girls in bondage gear with two men on the steps leading up to a throne. Goldie and Miralda have anals. Goldie licks the facial off Gabriella and Miralda takes a facial and Goldie licks that off too
  • Miralda dreams again of being out in public dressed in tight transparent plastic and sheer white stockings chained by the neck and groped in public, forced to suck off two men in a dungeon and then being fucked by the first man to anal and facials

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Rubber and stockings and suspenders are much in evidence in Frank Thring's film of love lost. Wandering across the snow covered countryside, Miralda looks once more at the grand Chateau nestling in the valley and reads the letter from her boyfriend telling her it's over. She thinks of happier times in the spacious rooms she shared with Mike and her friend Goldie.

Broken Dreams
Miralda stands in the ballroom wearing a black evening dress. A masked man and Goldie appear, kneeling by her side. Their hands reach out and caress Miralda's breasts. Boyfriend Mike watches with his cock in his hand. Goldie crawls across to suck. Taking her place in a gilded chair, Miralda lets the man lick from her black platform shoes to her pussy. Goldie bends over the dining table to be taken from behind by Mike. As if laid out for dinner on the table, Goldie gets the heels of her red boots grabbed by Mike as he humps away, missionary. Miralda drops her knickers and stands to be fucked. Both girls indulge in a little anal before getting their faces covered in cum.

Rubber Castle Bordello
Looking like she's been vacuum sealed into her purple and transparent dress, Angelica welcomes a customer into her bordello. She has just what he's looking for. Goldie, in a rubber maid's outfit, is dragged in front of him and made to lick his shoes. With Angelica's finger in her bum, Goldie sucks on the guy's cock. Goldie's mistress invites him to take her up the arse and pulls on her plaited hair while she's boned. Lying on the tiled floor, Angelica raises her rubber dress to get some of the guy's dick. He cums over her face and Goldie laps at the cream.

Austrian Fantasies
Staring into the window of a travel agents, Miralda's mind starts wandering to a snow covered mountain with a castle on top. In a black and stainless steel basque and long black boots, Miralda sits on her throne. Goldie kneels at her feet and licks, whilst Gabriella whips a guy who is tonguing his way up her zebra striped boots. A second guy laps at Goldie's bum. Rolling over, she slips down her steel knickers for better access. With a cock planted in her pussy, Gabriella chews at Miralda's clit. Goldie lowers herself onto the second guy's shaft. Down on all fours, both Goldie and Miralda receive anal, doggy style. Next, with a strap-on in place, Goldie fucks Gabriella. The boys shoot their spunk over Gabriella and Miralda's faces. Goldie sucks it off.

With only three scenes, Broken Dreams is woefully short. Frank Thring or Goldie McHawn fans may think the film is worth it, but for most there is just not enough material.

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