< Ben Dover's Housewives Fantasies 3 DVD available

Released: c. 2001
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews
  • Tracy Williams. Supposedly her husband has joined a religious cult and she has had no sex for ages. Sex with Pascal and Bob with facial from Ben including major frigging, DPP, DP in three positions, facials
  • Kelly [8] mature blonde supposedly a solicitor who strips and sucks off Ben on a station platform then has sex with Pascal and Bob in a hotel room including DPP and facials
  • Suzanne (Sarah [6]) on the day of the 1999 eclipse which her husband has gone to Cornwall to watch, groped by Ben in car, gives him blowjob in the bushes, says she fantasizes about builders so they fetch one to join them from a building site (not well enough hung to be a regular pro stud, but has been seen before). He gropes her in back of car then joins in gang bang at studio with Pascal and Bob - anal, DP, facials
  • Crystal, blonde 40s. Her fantasy is to perform a strip in front of an audience and presumably to give a live sex show, as this is what happens. Set in a bar with about 8 men in audience including Pascal who joins her on stage
  • Nina in Lee-on-Solent. She was disappointed by her husband on her birthday as she wanted a stripogram. She gets one, is groped, gives blowjob and gets licked by the performer (from Marino's agency). He has to leave for another job so full sex is with Bob including anal and facials

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