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Released: 1997
Notes and Reviews

Anabolic, review copy courtesy of Adult Eye Candy and picture quality superb as usual.

Introduced and linked by Sabrina Johnson, this is a set of five scenes, all except one featuring one girl with two or more men. The common theme is that the girls are dressed as nurses (unrealistically) or paramedics (realistically). The girls are all at least good-looking (Careena Collins) up to gorgeous and the only set of implants in sight are those belonging to Nici Sterling.

The first scene features Chloe, a slim and cute brunette, being introduced to three supposed doctors, but there is no pretence that this is anything other than a porn film. Chloe gives blow jobs and is fucked in and around a hospital trolley. As the title implies, anal is obviously included, but there is no DP. She takes three facials, only one of which is of any quantity, the stud is no longer erect when he tries to squeeze out the third facial.

The second scene is the only one with any semblance of a plot as Papillion and Nici Sterling drive their ambulance to a country road where Mark Davis has come off his motorbike. They give him mouth-to-cock resuscitation at the roadside after identifying him as a porn stud from his wallet. Papillion is obviously named after the butterfly tattoo which she has where her pubes should be. Nici Sterling takes an anal with Papillion in the 69 position taking A2Ms. Papillion then takes an anal in the reverse cowgirl position and Nici in the missionary position. Papillion takes the facial and then the two girls swap the cum back and forth.

The third scene is less interesting as Careena Collins dressed as a fairy god-nurse enters a room in which Sean Michaels and Mark Davis are sitting on a couch. They get straight down to the action which includes reverse cowgirl anal and DP. She deep throats Sean as far as anyone could and takes two facials.

In the fourth scene Mark Davis and two other men are sitting on loungers in a large garden. Again there is no pretence at plot as they send for nurse Missy to administer to their needs. This she does enthusiastically, beginning with lots of oral and going on to take DPs in both positions - here a medium distance camera angle is lacking - and takes three well-directed facials.

Finally the creme de la creme (literally) as Sabrina Johnson, sitting on what looks more like a dentist's chair than a doctor's examination couch invites five 'doctors' to see to her. She takes as many at one time as she can, for example taking anal in the missionary position and doggy style while sucking some of the others. She takes a DP in both positions each with a succession of partners on top. She then takes a couple of facials direct while the others cum into a glass cup which she drinks from, swallowing the contents and calling it her 'cup of tea'. (This scene is included in A Cum Sucking Whore Named Sabrina Johnson.)

This is a film which gives full value - plenty of bangs for your bucks.

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