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Scene 1: Wendy Taylor (as Faith). Wendy is sitting at a desk. Her "husband" comes in and a brief conversation occurs about how skint they are. To take their minds off it they decide to have sex! There then follows a lengthy scene in which Wendy, kitted out in white lingerie, gets it in all positions, including anal and facial.

Scene 2: Wendy again (Woo-Hoo!). Two blokes are sitting in a living room. The older one is telling the younger one how he can no longer satisfy his over-sexed wife, and asks him if he would like to fuck her. Strangely enough he agrees. The younger bloke then shags Wendy (who looks rather fetching in a red dress and black underwear!) whilst the older bloke tells him what to do. The scene ends with the older bloke jerking off over Wendy's arse (this, apart from some fingering, is his only participation). The younger bloke shoots his load over Wendy's face and hair. No anal this time.

Scene 3: Donna Warner (as Tanya). Donna is in her bedroom with a guy (the same one as in Wendy's first scene) that she has supposedly picked up at a nightclub. After some brief chit-chat they get down to business. Anal and facial.

Scene 4: Anne (as Charlie). The younger bloke from Wendy's second scene is asleep on the settee. Anne tries to wake him up so that he can give her one, but he's not interested at first. Eventually he is persuaded and they go to it in all positions. Scene ends with his knob between her tits, and he cums over her face and chin. No anal.

Scene 5: Anne again. This time she is lying asleep, but she starts to play with herself. The bloke she was in the previous scene with decides to help her out. This scene is much shorter than the previous one and ends with her in the cowgirl position. He pulls out and shoots up in the air, between her arse cheeks. No anal.

A good quality film, with Wendy excellent as usual.

Review by Funky Spingers.

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