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Released: 1997
Notes: Tight Ends
Notes and Reviews

Credits list Harley D D, Ashleigh, Chloe James, Donna Warner and Quell. Harley D D is a well-known alias of Hayley Russell. Ashleigh is Lisa Stretton as she has given her name as Lisa Ashleigh elsewhere. Chloe James definitely does not appear, but Georgette Neale does. Donna Warner is there. Who knows who Quell is supposed to be.

  • Hayley Russell is chatted up by Marino and Lee Francis on the train. Sex scene follows indoors
  • Donna Warner is also picked up from station
  • Lisa Stretton is a maid with stockings and very short skirt who disturbs Marino in bed
  • Hayley Russell, Georgette Neale and two men

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