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Released: 1977 (copyrighted 1980)
Notes: DVD Video-X-Pix
  • Suzy Mandel possibly did hard core, possibly body double used
Notes and Reviews

Shot in 1977 but released in 1980.

A body double was used for all Suzy Mandel's hard core scenes. This was written into her contract and it is evident from the film itself. A blow job was shot from behind at an oblique angle so that, although the face of the female can be seen, the angle makes the face unrecognisable. There are no medium distance full-body and face shots that show penetration and the camera never pans along the body or zooms out from a penetration shot to show the face. The body double was a remarkably good match, but with blonder pubic hair than Suzy Mandel exhibited in Confessions of a Driving Instructor. Her co-star Dory Devon's hard core scenes are shot in a similar way, though there are a couple of instances where it is clear that it is her doing the deed. She was an American actress with a good English accent and a late replacement for Heather Deeley in the role (See this post. Nothing else is known of her and this is the only screen credit that can be found on the net. No other biographical details could be found.

The two play a pair of British girls working as a dire song and dance act - Sugar and Candy Kane - out West in the States. Suzy plays Sugar, the dumb blonde who has a boyfriend (David Morris) who is a stable hand - she has a sex scene with him in the stable. They meet a rich playboy (Eric Edwards) and his chauffeur cum butler (Richard Bolla) in a saloon.

Cutting through a ridiculous plot involving a broach of some kind which he has come out West to recover from the bottom of a mine shaft for his aunt (Sugar has a duplicate, they get mixed up, etc., etc.), he flies them to New York. He has a sex scene with Candy in the bedroom of his private jet and Sugar sucks off the butler. He lets them stay at his apartment while he visits his rich aunt, Sybil, in England (Molly Malone). Here they are let down by their crooked agent and find work making porno loops (for a producer called Ben Dover - there truly is nothing new under the porno sun) and then get parts in a big-budget porno spoof of Gone with the Wind. This is directed by Jamie Gillis in a non-sex role. He shoots the movie Italian style where the sound is dubbed later so that he can shout instructions through a megaphone. This gives the opportunity for him to give comic directions to a team of Yankee soldiers 'raping' a set of southern belles all lined up in a row, e.g. 'Lunch' when he want them to go down on the girls and finally, when the cumshots are slow in arriving in response to his orders, 'Unless I get cumshots, you faggots don't get paid!' Sugar ruins the shoot by pressing the wrong button back stage as she is too vain to wear her glasses.

The aunt hires a private detective to snoop on the girls as she wants to prevent her nephew from marrying Candy - who seduces the detective.

Sugar manages to seduce a gay male in the apartment below and her broach gets borrowed by his partner for a fancy dress costume he is wearing to a gay club for a talent contest or something. The nephew and his aunt arrive back in NY having discovered the broaches have got mixed up and the girls have to go to the gay club to retrieve the original. Mayhem ensues when their gender is discovered. Leading to the arrest of everyone. But all ends happily when the stable hand arrives to release Sugar from jail as he is now a millionaire.

This is as good as most sex comedies of the time - and it has hard core. An enjoyable film.

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