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Released: 1998 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Route XX
Notes and Reviews
  • Sarah Robinson is the daughter of the hotel owner. She is persuaded to audition as a model, says her boyfriend is useless in bed and is persuaded to have sex with Pascal in hotel room, anal, facial on to her glasses which she licks clean, massive squirt
  • Daemonica (vampire, pierced by too many metal studs, two tattoos on upper right arm, one on upper left arm) takes facials while lying in coffin
  • Cindy (Paula, Irish blonde) and Goldie (Goldie McHawn, reddish blonde hair) (supposed to be auditioners for lap dancing jobs), both do anal and DP (cowgirl), take joint facials and Ben hits Goldie in the eye with his as usual
  • Red, a barmaid, is groped and gropes herself in the empty bar. Later turns up at the studio and takes on Bob and Pascal after giving Ben a blowjob. Anal, DP, facials

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