< Ben Dover's English Porno Groupies R18 DVD available

Released: 1998
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: R18 version called (Ben Dover) English Porno Groupies Parts 1 & 2, which is now on R18 DVD with Kinky Butt Freaks
Alternate Titles
  • Ben Dover's Porno Groupies
Notes and Reviews
  • Gail Appleton of Birmingham (plump peroxide blonde in leather/PVC)
  • Zoe (anal, with Ben and Mario in garden of pub and house, enthusiastic dirty talker)
  • Wendy (blonde, bespectacled, Irish receptionist)
  • Nicky Platts with her friend Roxy-Jo

This video was at first re-packaged in two parts for R18. Previously an old-rules (i.e. hard, but not very hard) R18 video had been released using this title with a completely different cast. See (Ben Dover) English Porno Groupies.

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