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Released: 2008
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse, compilation
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 141 mins.

It looks like Killergram were in a hurry when they pulled together six of Leigh Logan's scenes for this compilation, as the first thing you're confronted with when you pop in the DVD is the menu for Sisters of Mercy II! Don't worry, though. Press the play button and you get six scenes of Leigh taken from Babes of Killergram, Babes of Killergram III, Baby Loves the Shaft VIII, Chain Smokers II, On a Dogging Mission XIII and Wishes Cum True.

With only a couple of dozen films under her belt, it seems strange that Killergram should issue a retrospective of Leigh's work so early in her career. Could they be cashing in on a rising star? I also wish they would make their mind up as to how to spell Leigh's name. Here it's Lee, but in the films the scenes are lifted from it's Leigh. Although Leigh (or Lee)'s scenes are good, the overall impression is of a film rushed off the Killergram production line.

Notes by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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