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Released: 2007
Director: Mike Hunt
Notes: Soho Original Books
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Running time: 131 mins.

Soho Books have turned to Mike Hunt to direct the tale of Doctor Demetri, who has developed a therapy which cures everything from split ends to ingrowing toe nails. With the help of his nurses Isabel, Harmony and Mai, he is ready to treat the world to Assupuncture.

First patient is slim blonde Victoria. Behind his desk, with his trousers round his knees, Dr Demetri strokes his knob as he asks Victoria to remove her coat. She spots what's happening and leans over to suck. Lying Victoria on his coffee table, the doctor pulls her black slik panties aside and uses his tongue to examine her pussy. White coat discarded, Demetri bends Victoria over his sofa and enters her pussy from behind. Spinning round, she sits on his cock. The two fall onto their sides as they shag. Now for the most critical part of the treatment... Demetri guides his dick into Victoria's arse, missionary first, then doggy. Kicking off her black patent heels, Victoria wanks his prick with her nylon clad feet. The good doctor sprays his load over her face. Victoria is a difficult case. She'll need a lot more sessions.

Mai makes herself a cuppa in the staff room and tries to have a sly cigarette, when security guy Paul enters. She knows it's a no smoking area but needs something to occupy her fingers and mouth as she sits. Unzipping his pants, Paul has just the thing. Mai wraps her lips around his cock. Removing her white uniform, Mai slips her panties down, letting Paul lick her pussy. Boobs eased out of her tight top, he moves to bite at her big dark nipples. The two start to fuck, Mia riding Paul's manhood. The two shuffle round the sofa into spoons. Mai slides onto the floor to be pile driven. The session ends with Paul popping his jizz over Mai's body.

Harmony ushers Loona into the doctor's consulting room for her interview. Wanting to know what the job entails, Dr Demetri asks Harmony to demonstrate. Letting her white coat fall to the floor, Harmony stands in her black lingerie and stripey stockings. Turning to Loona, Harmony unfastens her black leather mini skirt and fondles her breasts. Loona's knickers off, both Harmony and Dr Demetri are impressed with her 'zipper end' clit ring and move in for a closer look. Leaning forward, Loona takes the doctor's dick in her mouth. Harmony crouches beside her and starts to lap. With Demetri's cock in her pussy, Harmony laps at the pair. Lying on the sofa with her most unsexy boots in the air, Harmony prepares her pussy for the doctor. He hammers hard into her tight hole. Down on all fours, Loona is fucked doggy. Demetri rolls onto his back. She sits with his cock up her arse. With the girls side-by-side on the sofa, Demetri yo-yos from pussy to pussy, pulling out to spunk over Loona's face. Using a straw, Harmony sucks up the cream. Loona has the job.

Experienced assupuncturist Isabel takes Mai into the training room to provide some practical tips on anal technique. Getting Mai to kneel on the table, Isabel eases down her pink panties. She's a little apprehensive as this is her first time. A good dose of lube and a silver butt plug slides into Mai's arse. Isabel tongues the toy then turns her attention to Mai's tits. Unbuttoning her white coat, Isabel shows what can be done with practice, screwing a large glass rod into her arse. Getting Mai to hold the shaft, Isabel crouches over it and sinks it deep into her bum. Her backdoor open, Isabel forces in a big red butt plug. Clenching her buttocks, it flies out. With her fanny hovering over Mai's face, Isabel gets her to lick. Placing the big red toy between Mai's tits, Isabel sits on it and gently rocks. Lesson over for today...

Keen to follow up her patients, Isabel calls at Tony's flat for some additional treatment. Kneeling on his sofa in her white uniform and red high heels, she unzips his pants and fills her face with his prick. Popping open her coat, she lies over Tony's lap. His hand slips into her black knickers. Before long his head is buried in Isabel's hairy muff. Stretching out, Isabel is taken on her back. She sits up and gags as she swallows the juices from Tony's dick. Gyrating and grinding, she rides Tony forward and reverse cowgirl. Dropping onto all fours, Isabel want cock in her arse. Tony rams in hard. Smearing her face with dick, Isabel waits for the cream. Tony cums on her tongue and she swallows.

Though Harmony has some questionable footwear and misses out on the Assupuncture action, this is still a good film to watch. New girls Loona and Victoria both give good accounts of themselves in their scenes and Isabel, as ever, is just hot and naughty. This is a far better film than Soho's Books last release and is worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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