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Released: 2007
Director: Andre Madness
Notes: Digital Sin / New Sensation
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Running time: 124 mins.

The latest in the 'Goes to College' series sees Ashlynn Brooke heading to California to further her education. Having gained a scholarship, this Southern Belle teams up with a group of students including Natalie Heck, Sabrina Rose and Alexis Love, who are all more interested in sex than studying.

Heading West, the door has hardly closed on Ashlynn's trailer park home before her boyfriend starts poking his prick into Melanie Scott, an old school mate of the pair. Arriving at college, Ashlynn finds she has to room share with Sabrina Rose, a rich nymphomaniac lesbian who has been sent away to settle her down. During the lessons the girls daydream: Ashlynn about sex with her boyfriend and Sabrina about Alexis Love, their lecturer.

Out for the night, the girls meet up with English Student Natalie, in a club. Ashlynn is shocked when Natalie starts to kiss fellow clubber Regan Reese. The two make for a quiet booth. Noticing what's going on, security guard Lee Stone arrives, but rather than stopping the pair from fingering each other, he joins in. Tugging at Natalie's top, he bites at her boobs. She unzips his pants, popping his prick into her mouth. Regan takes over the sucking as the three sink back into the plush red seating. The girls munch at each other's muffs as Lee jabs his dick into Regan's pussy. Natalie stands over Lee, pushing her fanny into his face, then slowly sliding down his body to ride cowgirl. Slamming down on his thighs, she cries out as she climaxes. Her place on the cock is taken by Regan. Hanging around Lee's neck, she swings onto his dick. Flat on the seat, Natalie opens her legs to be fucked missionary. Lee pulls out and showers her tits in spunk.

Disgusted at what she has seen, Ashlynn runs into the arms of Sabrina's chauffeur, Tommy Gun. She seeks solace on his shaft in the back of the limo. Her education is complete and she is ready to face the world.

While the sex scenes are beautifully shot, the plot in the film wanders and jumps, giving the impression there was a lot more to this film which has been cut. This is reinforced by the behind the scenes extras which shows snippets of action which failed to make the final film. If you ignore the characters who appear and add nothing to the story line, Ashlynn Goes to College is an entertaining two hours viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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