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Released: 2007
Director: Nigel Night
Notes: Nigel Night Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Nigel Night's Amateur Fishnet Fuckers
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 77 mins.

Nigel Night is very much a one man band operation, directing, producing and starring in his own films. His film has no pretensions to being anything other than an amateur gonzo style film featuring four girls, three of them in fishnets.

Short haired, 'well proportioned' Carina sits on a garden swing in her black fishnet dress. Nigel sits on the swing next to her. She stands. Her short black boots make her a good head and shoulders taller than Nigel. His face comes level with her boobs. Nigel sucks Carina's nipples through the black mesh and his fingers wander down to her pierced pussy. Crouching, she takes his cock deep in her mouth. Moving back to the swing, she hangs on the ropes to be lapped and licked. A little doggy action and the two retreat to a van as the heavens open. With the rain hammering on the roof, the noise is almost deafening. This doesn't stop the two from indulging in more oral action. Nigel cums over her tongue.

In a scene where the lighting has bleached out the colours, blonde Nicole is horny in her black net dress and stockings and she wants Nigel's cock. Leaning forward, she sucks at his prick. As the two bounce around the bed, the camera gets clobbered. The pair re-position to 69 with Nicole smearing her fanny on Nigel's face. Missionary follows doggy style sex. Nicole wants to be on top. As she rides reverse the microphone drifts into and out of view. The two roll over to shag doggy again. There are plenty of views of bouncing bums, as well as oddly angled shots of shoes, before Nigel pulls his condom off and fires his jizz into Nicole's mouth.

Tracey sits in her long black PVC gloves and fishnet tights as Nigel and a mate fondle her tits. Grabbing at the guys' cocks, she pulls them towards her mouth, sucking at one then the other before cramming both between her lips. The cameraman appears to have problems with his focus as she is spit roasted. Nigel's mate, banging away from behind, leans forward. His breasts are bigger than Tracey's!! The boys swap places for more doggy action. Tracey then decides to take control, mounting the boys cowgirl. After more out of focus banging and grinding, the two spunk over Tracey's tits.

Where scene two was too light, the final scene goes the other way, being shot in a gloomy half light. Irene sits in her white slip and stockings, waiting. Nigel has his arm around her shoulders. Husband Peter is there for support and to film the action. The couple kiss. Nigel fingers her smooth wet pussy, then, slipping down the dress, he laps at her tits. Legs spread, he moves in to chew at her cunt with much slurping. The mature blonde drops to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth. Irene then stands over Nigel while he licks away between her legs. Dropping to all fours, she is taken from behind. Turning, Irene takes a few strokes missionary before returning to doggy to finish off the session. Nigel calls out - he's ready to cum. Irene spins round to catch his cream in her mouth.

Whilst the performances from the girls were passable, the 'amateur' aspect comes from the production. The lighting is either too bright or bathed in darkness. The camera framing wanders and the image goes in and out of focus. Amateur Fishnet Fuckers is a reasonable idea poorly executed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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