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Released: 2006
Director: Otto Bauer
Notes: Mach 2
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Running time: 94 mins.

Auburn haired and award winning Audrey Hollander is the face of Mach 2 films, appearing in nearly all their productions. In Ass Camp she is joined by Aurora Snow and Britain's own blonde sex machine Angel Long, in five bum banging scenes.

Angel stands in the garden under the American flag dressed in her black rah-rah skirt and tied white blouse. Her skirt discarded, she lies in the long grass. Her black knickers come down and her fingers enter her arse. Gardener Lee Stone appears and drops to his knees to tongue Angel's bum. Stripped to her high-heel sandals, she turns to swallow his cock. Picking Angel up, Lee hangs her round his neck to lap at her pussy. Dangling, she sucks at his dick. Back on the ground, Angel feeds the shaft down her throat till she reaches Lee's balls. Down on all fours, Angel grabs clumps of grass as she's fucked from behind. She breaks off to give a blow job. Sitting with Lee's cock up her arse, Angel grabs a black plastic prick and DPs herself. The rest of the scene consists of bouts of sucking and anal fucking reverse cowgirl until Lee coats Angel's tongue in cream.

The action from the girls is hard and hot, though, unlike some other Mach 2 productions, not over the top. The five scenes are shot in a mix of indoor and outdoor locations and all are compact. Angel Long fans will love the cool way she takes cock in the garden. The performances from the other girls - Aurora Snow, Desire Moore, Veronica Rain and Audrey Hollander - make this a good, if short, film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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