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Released: 2005
Director: Dale Jordan
Notes: No Boundaries
Alternate Titles
  • Dale Jordan's Ass Intake 3
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 119 mins.

Tall dark haired Estella (as Essy) appears in Dale Jordan's Ass Intake 3 with five American girls including the muscular and acrobatic Aria, blonde and noisy Caily Taylor, and Sophia who finds one cock isn't enough. The scenes follow a standard format - two or three minute intro followed by the action.

Essy introduces herself on the sun-drenched patio. As she talks about getting fucked, her hand wanders down her "butterfly" knickers. Turning, she shows her bottom, flexing the muscle in her cheeks to make them twitch. As she sits on a large towel, a guy approaches, cock out. Essy doesn't ask, she licks his balls then swallows. Wiping the spit covered dick over her face, the guy plays with her hair, encouraging her to deep throat. To his surprise his length slides past Essy's tonsils and she bangs her chin on his nut sack and gags. Knickers off, Essy lowers herself back to be taken missionary in her neatly trimmed pussy. She pulls her long legs back to take full benefit from his length. As she fingers herself, the guy jams his cock in her tight arse then yo-yo's between her holes. Essy rolls over, sticking her bum high in the air to be fucked. As the birds sing in the trees and the traffic rumbles in the distance, she has her arse and pussy pounded, making her gape. After sucking the guy's dick clean, there's a little spoon action, but Essy is really a missionary girl. The guy hammers away till he's ready to cum. Lying mouth open, Essy takes a facial.

The jump frame start to each scene is at first a little disconcerting as the girls give their chats, but the action is crisply and cleanly shot. Tall and sexy Estella is good in her scene, as is top-billed Sophia. The performance which really stands out however is that of hot, wet and very supple Aria, who appears with Lee Stone. Ass Intake 3 is a cut above the normal gonzo movies from the States and worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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