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Released: 2006
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Viv Thomas / Playboy
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Running time: 112 mins.

Originally shot by Viv Thomas for Playboy TV, the softcore origins of this film are much in evidence as you watch it. The story focuses around Frankie, her husband, played by Ian Tait, their au pair (Matilda), and a number of other girls who visit their Spanish villa.

Frankie stands in her black lingerie, trimmed with white lace, and stockings, trying to decide what to wear, when the doorbell rings. A rather bemused looking Michael stands on the step. Frankie drags him off to the bedroom to show off her new clothes. As she strips she notices a bulge in his pants. Frankie pushes Michael back on to the bed to investigate. Pants down, she wraps her lips around his dick. He gropes at her tits as she sucks. Frankie's moans attract the attention of the au pair. She stands and watches as her mistress rides and bounces on Michael's cock. Falling onto all fours, Frankie is fucked from behind. Sitting up, Frankie wanks Michael into her mouth as Ian returns home.

The au pair's sister arrives. Sitting on the bed, her mind starts to wander. Ian takes her off to the bathroom for sex. When she returns, Frankie is lying on the bed in her sexy red-spotted lingerie. The girls kiss and caress. Frankie removes her panties to have her pussy licked. Ian fingers and tongues the sister. Removing her bra, Frankie pulls and squeezes her nipples then helps Ian's cock into the sister. Tasting the girls' juices, it's Frankie's turn to be fucked. She mounts Ian reverse, her body slowly gyrating on his shaft. Ian showers Fankie's face with jizz. She lets it drip on to the sister's face... just a dream.

Eventually Frankie finds a photo of Ian with her best friend. She packs her bags and leaves, slamming the door as she does so.

I have to admit I'd expected more for a Viv Thomas production. Things like titles and cast lists... Alas, nothing. And whilst the first scenes (with Frankie) and the final couple were well produced, sandwiched in the middle of the film are two where the colours are flat and dull, with lighting which casts nasty shadows. The overall impression is of a 'made for TV' film with some harder action added. A little disappointing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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