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Released: 2005
Director: J Edwards
Notes: CandiceParis.com Productions / Slik
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 109 mins.

Rude Girls 6 stars Angel-Long together with seven other girls with varying amounts of experience in eight nicely shot and decent-length solo and girl/girl scenes.

The film starts with the star Angel lying on the bed in a black cropped top and mini skirt playing with herself. With her experience she knows how to work the camera, caressing her body as she slowly peels off her clothes. Her back arched, Angel touches her pussy, gently opening her lips and slipping in a finger or two. With a sigh she licks at her hand and uses her black knickers to absorb her fanny fluid. Lifting her leg she works a ridged blue vibe deep into her wet hole. Gasping, her hand moves faster and faster. Angel pulls out the dripping toy and licks it using her fingers to scoop at her juices.

Big-boobed blondes Antonia and Donna have returned from their shopping expedition with a selection of toys. The girls strip out of their track suits and settle down to kiss and nibble each other's nipples. Pulling down Antonia's knickers, Donna works her tongue across her pussy, heading for her pierced clit. Antonia heads south, her boobs hanging as she kneels to suck and rub Donna's pussy. Time to try the purchases. Donna opens her legs to take a long slim vibe in her pussy while Antonia laps at her clit to add to the excitement. A purple rabbit appears next. Donna squirms as Antonia jabs it into her fanny. The girls swap places, Antonia fingering herself as she waits for Donna to return with a strap on. Bending over the back of the settee, Antonia is taken doggy by the plastic cock, her juices shimmering on its shaft. Almost ready to orgasm, Donna decides a clear plastic prick on full power should do the trick and Antonia shudders with pleasure.

Vicki Powell says she is going to be very naughty as she sits on the sofa in her white tied blouse and jeans. Running her fingers down her top, she eases out her tits and sucks at her nipples. Her hand continues running down her body till it reaches her pussy. Jeans off, she slips a finger past her bright red knickers and starts to wank. Grabbing a shiny steel vibrator, Vicki uses both hands to guide it into her pussy then rolls over to take the toy deeper. She ends on the floor, legs stretched out, probing and fingering her love box till she climaxes.

In her white blouse, checked skirt and stockings, Emma sits at her office desk talking about the previous night. As she talks she unbuttons her blouse, her fingers tweaking her nipples. The more she talks the hornier she gets, her fingers exploring her pussy lips and pierced clit through her black knickers. Removing her bra, Emma squeezes her tits together then starts rubbing on her fanny. She finds a pink dildo on the bookcase and wets it in her mouth before using it between her legs. The toy gently hums as she screws it in deep. Finally Emma leans against the wall and her leg rises on the chair as she uses both hands on her pussy. Quivering, she orgasms.

Angel appears back in the bedroom. This time she is with Sarah Wright - the girls are going to get dirty. Pulling their tops down, they chew on each other's tits. Sarah fancies a little more and heads south to minge munch. Angel's knickers are soaking wet so Sarah removes them to get better access to her clit. Changing positions, Angel shows she can do more than just lick stamps with her tongue as it waggles and wanders its way over Sarah's pussy. Grabbing hold of the bed head, Angel stretches herself as Sarah pushes in a pink toy and starts to wank. The two lick off the juices. Angel then holds the base of her pelvic bone and get Sarah to ride her and both scream with pleasure. Taking a second toy, Angel holds it in her mouth while Sarah fucks her face. The girls lie and kiss, their open legs crossing as they wank themselves to orgasm.

Slim, dark-haired Brandy sits on the leather sofa in her red lingerie and laced-up knee boots, feeling horny and ready to play. Lifting her boobs out, her tongue flicks at her erect nipples while her fingers rub at her arse hole. Wet and slippery, Brandy rams a blue toy all the way up her pussy. Her pussy lips swell. She can take more and eases a second vibe into her squelching hole - that makes her clit stand on end. With a gentle circular motion Brandy fingers herself till she cums.

Three naughty stocking-clad secretaries - Angel, April and Sarah - are sitting at the boss's desk. Opening a draw they find it stuffed with sex toys and strap-ons and decide to try them out. Sarah and April don strap-ons while spectacled Angel sits in the boss's chair and wanks, April leans forwards to taste what she has been doing. After licking the plastic pricks it's time for the girls to put them to use. Angel lies on the desk for the girls to fuck her. Armed with toys, Angel tries them out on the other two, probing their pussies with plastic as the three lick fannies. Bent over the desk, Sarah shoves her dildo into Angel's arse while April tongues her clit. Angel's bum is stuffed with toys and the girls slip a vibe into her pussy and DP her till she climaxes.

The final scene is back on the bed. This time it's Angel and April who appear together. The two leggy girls kiss and fondle each other's breasts. They suck and play with each other's nipples. Angel moves down, her head coming to rest between April's legs and her pierced tongue darting over her pussy and clit. April moves to show she is equally as good when it comes to licking minge and the pair 69. Each taking a toy, the girls rub and masturbate each other, occasionally stopping to lap up pussy juice. Lying side by side they toy themselves till they moan with pleasure.

This film proves that you don't need to have elaborate sets and a huge crew to produce a top quality product, just crisp clean camera work, decent lighting and of course erotic sexy girls. Some may think that with eight girls and eight scenes things may be rushed, but no. The director got the action just about spot on, with everything appearing natural and not too drawn out. An added bonus is Angel-Long in specs ... she does look sexy in them. A brilliant film worth adding to any collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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