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Released: 2005
Director: Tommy Joe
Notes: American Hardcore
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 113 mins.

The title gives a clue as to the subject of this film. Tommy Joe takes a group of girls to a villa in the mountains above Los Angeles, where they all get a good butt banging. Interestingly, of the five girls who head to the hills, four come from this side of the Atlantic. Holly Wellin is joined by Melissa Lauren, Sharon Wild and the Hungarian girl Csilla in one of her first films, with only Vanessa Lane coming from the States.

Holly's scene follows a standard pattern. Standing on the balcony, in the clean bright air, there are some soft focus shots as she slips her pink bra off and undoes the ties on her panties. After stroking and probing her pussy, she heads indoors where Anthony Hardwood waits on the bed. Climbing on beside him, Holly drops onto her stomach and starts to suck cock. Spit streams from her mouth as her tonsils are probed. Falling to the floor, Holly's hair flops forward as she takes more meat in her mouth. It makes her eyes water. Kicking her shoes off, Holly gives the heels a blow job as Anthony enters her arse. The couple roll over. She ends up sitting on his prick. Holly wraps her shoes around Anthony's cock and tongues the tip. The wet end is slipped back into her arse. With her bum hole gaping, Holly is taken doggy. The two collapse onto their sides and finish fucking spoons. Fingering herself, Holly waits open mouthed for Anthony's spunk. She dribbles it into her shoe and pours it back onto her tongue, before swallowing.

Though the scenes are well done, they are all shot to a strict formula and there is little variation between each. By the time the third girl (Melissa Lauren) appears the action is far too predictable. The other minor niggle is the very low sound levels throughout. Not that there is a lot of dialogue but what there is you miss. Ass Fuck Vol. 1 is OK to watch in short bursts. The whole film in one sitting becomes a little tedious.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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