< The Adventures of Dirty Dog: Volume 2 The Dog Debutantes R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Viv Thomas
Alternate Titles
  • Dirty Dog: The Dog Debutantes
Notes and Reviews

Ian (Dirty Dog) Tate promises seven brand new British girls in this Viv Thomas production. Such claims are always open to challenge, especially when the first scene is shot in a freezing Budapest with Hungarian babe Dani Cole. The pair strip off and have sex in a large kitchen/diner location that features in other (not necessarily VT) productions. Gentle action by Dirty Dog's usual standard, but a simply superb facial.

Nicely pregnant Maxine arrives at Dirty Dog's house for sex. DD films her as she strips on the sofa and, removing some pretty underwear, reveals her swollen areolae and belly. The filming is quite extended as Maxine plays with herself then takes DD's cock in her mouth. Fucking takes place on a large matching footstool as Maxine wiggles her bum in the air and DD slips his cock in. Deep doggy, cowgirl and spoons back on the sofa followed by anal in doggy. Scene ends with an explosive facial, which hits Maxine's mouth, face and tits. Maxine seems impossibly cute to be doing the things she does, remarking to camera "That made my whole body tingle" as DD removes his cock from her arse.

At the Viv Thomas studios Dirty Dog gets a call to warn him that Tammie Lee is bringing new girl Claudia over for a session. There's a little business as the girls get changed and the guys fix the set, then Tammie announces she's going to have Claudia first. Undressing takes place gradually on the bed with Claudia taking a large 'Rabbit' vibrator in her pussy. DD can wait no longer and joins the naked girls on the bed. They undress him and suck him to full hardness so that he can fuck first Tammie then Claudia. Sex in lots of positions with plenty of threeway action so that each pussy has either a cock or a tongue in it. Both girls kneel side by side so that DD can plunder their arses. Reverse cowgirl anal for Claudia then more doggy anal for Tammie which ends when DD pulls out and shoots, full-strength, over Claudia's face.

Back in a snowy Budapest Dirty Dog has a crack at slim blonde Jasmin. Lying on his back on the bed, DD films Jasmin undressing, unzipping his fly and sucking, then finally sliding down onto, his cock. DD gives her waif-like body a damn good shagging in r.cowgirl, spoons and doggy, concluding with another full-on facial.

Dirty Dog pulls up in the street in his convertible Porche with Lucy and hurries indoors. On the sofa Lucy quickly loses her T-shirt and miniskirt and, in just her white pants, sucks a naked DD's cock before he returns the favour. Face to face fucking then reverse cowgirl and a standing doggy starts a vigourous session around the room. Anal in doggy on the floor with A2M followed by a good facial.

Lee Henshaw (as James) and DD call on student Laura who wants to get into the porn business to supplement her grant. Sitting beside Lee on the sofa she strips while DD films, revealing her slim tanned body and near-on perfect boobs. There is extended oral for all three and DD sticks fingers in both Laura's holes. The fucking starts with Lee in reverse cowgirl and continues in most positions on the sofa and the floor with a guy at both ends. DD slips his cock up Laura's bum in doggy which is followd by DPs in cowgirl and r.cowgirl with DD doing the anal honours. Ends with a fantastic double facial. Laura is a terrific elfin-faced slim young woman who chats throughout the scene leaving the guys in no doubt what she wants from them.

As if the previous scenes weren't enough the extras provide an audition scene with 27 year old Slovakian girl Amazon and John. Both undress and have straightforward sex for five minutes with a modest facial. Anyone who has seen later films with this pair will know this is not representative of their work. Indeed I have scene Lucy's scene in the lounge intercut with John and Amazon fucking in the garden on a VT website.

And then there's the 12 minute bonus scene with Joanna, a large sexy blonde girl who plays a receptionist who claims to be best friends with Lucy Law from Dirty Dog's previous adventures. Joanna strips to her black hold-ups and has sex with DD across the office desks and on the floor ending with a modest facial (by DD's standard).

Ian Tate has assembled a cast of girls who perform with a level of innocent enthusiasm that makes each scene entirely believable as their debut performance. He has also assembled a cast of debutantes who can shag for England. Very pretty girls taking DD hard and fast in a programme that lasts over three hours with genuine bonus scenes and all with the fine production values we've come to expect from the Viv Thomas team. Absolutely fantastic.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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