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Released: 2004
Director: Skeeter Kerkove
Notes: Private Xtreme 15
Alternate Titles
  • Private Xtreme 15: Ass Games
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 159 mins.

Skeeter Kerkove has a reputation for outrageously hard sex in his films, Private for gorgeous girls, spectacular locations and sets and great guys. Put the two together and the result should be explosive, but Ass Games misses the mark by a mile, the only redeeming feature being the girls. The Brits Michelle B and super tall Estella are joined by the French pair Katsumi and Nomi and the German Katja Kassin in this arse-stretching tale.

The fourth girl in the film is Michelle who dances in her black PVC top, skin-tight skirt and thigh-length boots, flashing her bum and pussy at the camera. She is introduced to shaven Ben English who immediately pulls her pussy open as he fingers her bum. Kneeling, Michelle's mouth squelches as Ben fucks her tonsils. With his cock nice and wet Michelle positions her pussy above the head and gets Ben to thrust up into her, she then slides hard down the shaft making her boobs bounce. Lying on her stomach and holding the heels of her boots, Michelle swallows Ben's man meat. Raising herself onto all fours, she pulls her bum open for her arse to be bonked, accompanied by shouts and screams. Rolling over, the anal action continues reverse cowgirl with Michelle hammering down on Ben's balls. The scene ends in a facial into Michelle's open mouth.

Stunning six-foot-plus Estella is in the last scene. In her sexy shimmering silver outfit and futuristic looking high heels pushing her height to over 7 foot she towers over the guy who is only level with her tits!!! Bending forward, Estella's boobs swing free of her top as she sucks the guy's cock. She then lies on her stomach to take dick deep down her throat. As Estella's silver pants are eased down they reveal a butt plug wedged tight in her arse. She pulls it out to suck on as the guy fucks her pussy. The shagging continues with the cock being moved to Estella's bum. The pair swing round, Estella using her silver-gloved fingers in her pussy as she rides the guy's prick up her arse. Sucking off the juices Estella pushes herself onto her shoulders to be pile driven into her gaping hole. The guy can't hold back any longer and fires over her body and face.

For a Private film this was disappointing. Five of the six scenes were shot against an uninspiring silver bubble wrap background (very 70's) with mediocre lighting and camera work. The film also showed a lack of imagination from Skeeter the director with every scene being 'Spread it wide, ram it deep'. Finally there is the jingoistic introduction at the start of every scene "God Bless America, God Bless American Butts", which is a little out of place when five of the six girls come from Europe!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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