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Released: 2004
Director: Sar Genoa
Notes: Anabolic
Alternate Titles
  • House of Whores
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

Anabolic are noted for their Gonzo and Gang-Bang output, but in House of Whores from the Artcore series they have attempted to link scenes together around a common thread and story line. With a top rate cast including Belladonna, Gia Paloma and Melissa Lauren, the plot is based around a seedy-looking brothel and its strange clientele.

Joel Lawrence drives all night to reach the house. On his arrival Katsumi gives him a menu and offers a blow job while he decides. He opts for the Bitch in a Box. He is led towards a crimson-covered bed which has a large blanket chest at its foot. Katsumi undoes the clasp and Roxy springs out in her green bra and black panties. All three climb onto the bed. Knickers off, Roxy rides Joel reverse with Katsumi licking at the pair. Pulling down her shiny PVC pants, Katsumi lies on her side to be taken spoons, Roxy laps at her arse and guides Joel's cock in before filling her own bum with dick. The girls wriggle round the bed as Joel bangs away at first one then the other. They cry out with pleasure. The two then 69 to taste each other's pussies and Joel creams over Katsumi's bum. Roxy licks it up and gives a spunky kiss.

As the film progresses the scenes become darker and more depraved. Roxy finds herself outside the house in the pouring rain. Two guys come out and jerk off into her mouth. Then she is picked up and dumped into a bin.

The first couple of scenes were quite acceptable with Roxy and Katsumi followed by Belladonna with a large strap-on taking Gia Paloma. After that things started to get a little too rough and over the top. Melissa Lauren being slapped, her mouth stuffed and being spat at by four guys in the last scene is not my cup of tea. House of Whores is certainly something different from Anabolic, but may not be to everyone's taste.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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