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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
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The blockbuster finale of the Fundaland Trilogy, which combines very sexy girls with very high production values by the standards of current Britporn.

(NB. in this review Chloe is used for Vicky [8] to avoid confusion with Vicki Holloway)

At the end of part two, Alice Phallis's dark twin arrived (both played by Jo May), so now we don't know which Alice is which. In the first scene, one Jo May is wanking herself silly in the shower, the other Jo May is in bed with Lizzie (Chloe) and Emily (Kat) and they are smearing fruit sauces over each other.

While my money is on the Jo May in the shower as the real one, the other three are putting on a wild show. With Jo May lying on top of Kat, Chloe pours syrup over both pussies and deeply licks it off. This is quite an erotic scene with the girls kissing, licking and gasping in equal measure. Chloe sticks a big dildo up Jo May while Kat keeps her pussy connected to Chloe by using a flexible black double-ender.

When the action subsides, Jo May asks Chloe to go to her twin which she does and the two girls soon lose their towels and are kissing on the bed. This time Jo May has the strap-on and Chloe is on the receiving end of a vigourous pounding both doggy and cowgirl.

While one Jo May sleeps with Chloe, the other leaves the house with Kat. When Chloe wakes she discovers a business card that links her Jo May to Elenore Nightshade.

Later, Kat returns from shopping and wearing her new stockings, pleasures herself on the bed with a dildo. Meanwhile Jo May, in a wonderful pink latex slashed dress, is back home when Chloe phones with news about the fake Alice.

And now things get a bit complicated. Suffice to say that Kat and Chloe arrive to find one Jo May bound and gagged by the other. The free Jo May banishes all three other girls to the Darkworld using the magic stone and revels in her victory with a session at the pool table.

Meanwhile the three friends are in the Darkworld with Elenore (Vicki Holloway) and her slave (Fran Lord) which leads to a five-way session in the dungeon. A truly memorable scene as the camera pans across five moist pussies with fingers buried in each one as the girls lie on their backs groaning.

By good luck the Darkworld folk have just enough magic potion to get Jo May back to the real world as a brunette, but she is trapped and bent over the pool table for a good fucking by the bad blonde version. This is a clever, well shot, scene with a body double substituting for both characters (and who really deserves an end credit). The sexual energy released is enough to return all the others from the Darkworld and Vicki is able to banish bad Jo May.

The final bathroom scene has all five girls writhing amongst the porcelain and using dildos and strap-ons on each other. The five then move to the lounge for a final daisy chain, first with tongues then dildos.

Another fine example of what can be achieved with a little vision and effort. The very attractive cast is very well shot with the camera showing off every delightful curve. The film also has some very sexy moments with some hard girl girl sex.

That said, at the end of nearly four hours of action I found the cast too small to sustain the length, with groupings being repeated too often. This would have made an excellent two-parter. If you can't run to all three discs then buy 1 and 3.

Running time 90 minutes.

Review by Bayleaf

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