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Released: 2004
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
Notes and Reviews

(For more comments on the whole trilogy see part 3; NB. in this description I've used Chloe for Vicky [8] to avoid confusion with Vicki Holloway)

Part two opens with Alice Phallis, played by Jo May, in the bath using a flexible dildo on herself. Afterwards, in her bedroom, she tries on several different sets of underwear before she is surprised by the sudden appearance of Vicki Holloway as Elenore Nightshade. Vicki seduces Jo May and some intimate action on the bed follows before Vicki produces a strap-on, which she uses to fuck Jo May.

Apparently a dream, Jo May wakes and reads that Elenore had been banished by her husband, Lord Nightshade, but meanwhile Vicki and her slave, played by Fran Lord, are plotting their return. Vicki and Fran call on Jo May dressed in suits and pretending to be from the local Council, following up complaints of lewd behaviour. Jo May serves tea and Fun-kay cake and the inevitable three-way scene follows. There's plenty of licking and kissing before a naked Vicky produces a strap-on and gives Jo May a good seeing-to on the couch while Fran grinds her pussy into Jo's face. The false phallus has an ejaculation facility too and shoots milk over Jo May's boobs. While Jo sucks on Vicki's pink cock, Fran fits another strap-on dildo and moves behind to kebab her.

Once again Jo snaps awake to find Vicki and Fran have reverted to type back to their bondage wear. Vicki explains her desire to take back Fundaland and a fight ensues. On cue Kat and Chloe arrive and Vicki recognises them as Emily and Elizabeth, the wives of her husband, who were given eternal life just as she was banished. Fortunately Chloe has the magic stone which can banish her to the Darkworld all over again.

And then Jo May's twin arrives on her doorstep.

At just 60 minutes this is a bit short even with an extra 15 minute solo strip from Vicki in the extras, which include trailers, stills and subtitles in four languages.

Review by Bayleaf

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