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Released: 2004
Notes: Rude Britannia
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More hotel room sucking and fucking from Britain's self-styled dirtiest granny.

Two extended scenes and short clip to finish.

The first scene could be any one of 20,000 UK hotel rooms, where Christine is fucking two guys on the bed. After a short while the younger guy cums over her face leaving the older guy too continue the action, which includes brief anal, before he too cums over her face. There is then a shift to a second older guy and, shortly into the action, Christine's mobile phone rings and is answered by the guy, who then passes it to Christine who talks to someone (who could be her husband or son) while her partner bangs away between her thighs, what a trouper. Finally, Christine, who has changed into a white basque and black stockings, is joined by three black guys for some end to end stuff. The scene ends with the youngest of the three emptying his load in Christine's pussy while the other two cum over her face.

The second scene is introduced by Christine, who is on her hotel balcony in Lanzarote on a Sunday morning. She's invited round some friends, amongst whom is a full-figured, short haired brunette woman of around 40 in black pvc. Her small room gets very crowded with two women, four naked guys, the cameraman and another guy with a pocket digital camera who takes no part in the action. Given the confined space it's hard to see if all the guys get fair-shares, but the big black bloke certainly fucks both women. At one point Christine is blindfolded and fucked and the scene ends with facials everywhere.

The last, brief scene, features Christine solo with a few dildoes before she wanks the cameraman to a climax which produces enough fluid to be caught in a wineglass, which Christine drinks.

A dirty video from a dirty woman. Although it's not always easy to follow what's going on due to the confined space and intrusive bedside lights in the hotel which interfere with the camcorder's auto exposure, leaving the performers as silhouettes. If older women are your thing, Christine doesn't disappoint.

Review by Bayleaf

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