< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 14: Spunk Eating Barmaids R18 DVD available

Released: 2001
Notes: DVD with no. 13
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Butt Jammin' Barmaids DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Cafe Rouge
  • Big Willy: Spunk Eating Barmaids
Notes and Reviews

In 2003 Omar Williams began re-releasing his material as R18 DVDs through Big Willy Productions. Some DVDs have been well re-authored and issued as single programmes with an interview with Omar, bonus footage, and a witty menu featuring a naked Omar being chased by an angry man and Omar picking his nose! Other programmes have been left untouched and simply transferred to DVD. This programme is in original format.

Cataloguing has been made less than straightforward as some scenes have been released in new titles while others are doubled-up with two programmes on a single DVD. As a result run times vary from 90 minutes to over 3 hours.

2004 DVD release with Amazing Omar's Triumphs 13: Dirty Holiday Whores.

Old authoring system here with both programmes starting from main menu and no extras.

Omar goes for a cleaning job in a bar. Rebecca Lee is behind the bar.

  • The owner, a slim mature brunette called Claire (Claire Brown) seduces him while he is cleaning the gents, anal, DP, facials. Rebecca discovers them and is embarrassed.
  • Turns up for work to find two different barmaids, Stephanie and plump blonde Nicki. Both sound Dutch as far as one can tell above the German overdub; so they are not listed until they are found to have done more work in UK. Stephanie is in charge but goes off to the shops. Omar and Nicki play pool and she seduces him. They fuck on the pool table. Bert gets a blow job and she takes two facials. Stephanie returns and catches them.
  • Stephanie demands her rights and fucks Omar behind the bar. There is a stand-up 69 and Bert gets a blowjob again and this time he gets to fuck her. Two facials.
  • Finally Rebecca Lee takes on Omar on one of the seats in front of the bar. Anal while she gives Bert a blowjob and takes a facial from him. Then she takes one from Omar.

Joe King's view:

Burt reads a massage parlor guide and is telephoned by Omar who has an interview for a job in a bar. Behind the bar Rebecca (Lee) is the girl he speaks to first. While he waits for the boss, he drinks a coke. Burt wants a beer. Rebecca doesn't see the camera that Burt is recording all of this on somehow.

Scene 1

Claire walks in wearing a loose shirt under which she wears a white bikini, she carries a bottle of Brandy(?) which she has Rebecca put behind the bar. After the introductions Omar comments on her attire. She isn't surprised to see Burt ogling her long legs with his camera. Omar gets his first task - to clean the toilets. While cleaning the mirrors in the men's loo Claire arrives carrying another bottle. She touches Omar on the bottom as he bends over to clean the taps. Does being a barman include cleaning toilets, "depends how nice you are to the boss" says Claire. Omar not being sure what she wants goes on to find Claire wants a bit of his big black sponge. She takes it out of his trousers and starts sucking on his penis.

The filming seems to be done in natural light, the hand held camera keeps changing exposure. With the natural light all surface details are exaggerated. This applies most annoyingly to the faces of the women. The acne and imperfections on the skin are made too obvious.

Burt takes the camera around to Claire just sucking on the black soft cock and she looks at the camera. There are some dark moments when the camera, fooled by the bright window in the background, underexposes. Claire takes off her shirt and we see her gorgeous arse and legs. This actually also reveals what I suspect is a strange observation. Omar doesn't have a 90 degree erection. It seems floppy and burdened by the weight of the big man meat.

Claire lowers her top and masturbates Omar, while Omar, hand in her pants, feels her pussy. Burt closes in on her clit ring. After taking her shorts off Omar licks her pussy from the anus side. His tongue and a finger finally gets into the anus of Claire. The under view of Omar shagging Claire is good, but again the exposure is a bit clumsy. This angle also reveals a difference in the the actors breathing patterns. Omar seems to be jogging, a regular exertion, while Claire expels air at the end of every 2nd or so stroke. She seems to be restrained and not breathing regularly. In a regular position that is good for the camera (Omar holds one leg of Claire's by the knee bend in the air, so we see the genital contact), Omar gives Claire a few bottom slaps while shagging her. Strangely this position stops after he tries to get her knee bend on his shoulder. We go to a diagonal reverse cowgirl shot. I don't know what Claire is doing, but she seems to be constricted in her breathing. The end exhalation gets louder. "Did you just come?" says Omar. "Yeah, obviously", says Claire.

The next camera position has Claire leaning on a little stool sucking Omar. Omar goes round and pokes her pussy while she lays on her stomach on the stool. She almost falls off the thing due to Omar's sexual thrusts. Omar tries to put his cock in Claire's bum hole. This really shows how spongy his dick is. In what must be a new sexual position (to me at any rate), Claire holds her bum cheeks lying on the stool while Omar holds her forearms near the elbow and screws her bottom cavity. We then get to reverse cowgirl anal.

Burt joins in with a slappy double penetration - but who is holding the camera?

Both of the main guys get ready to come. Burt spunks over the tongue stud and face of Claire in a watery facial. Omar's spunk is whiter and thicker.

A noise from outside the toilet indicates the presence of Rebecca. But Claire said they wouldn't be interrupted. An embarrassed Rebecca walks out of shot. An unembarrassed Claire says Omar's next duty is the girls toilets.

Scene 2

Burt and Omar are late for the next day's work. Burt complains about never getting a drink from Omar. Omar finds 2 girls at the bar today and tells them he is the new barman. Stephanie and Niki get introduced to Omar and Burt (the sad git who follows him around with a camera). Burt nearly follows Stephanie around as she leaves to go to the store. A quiet period allows Niki and Omar to play pool. Niki takes her top down and gets Omar to aim a ball between her breasts. He misses and has to put something else between her breasts. She sees/feels Omar's trouser snake and it fits between her tits. She goes to a blow job and ball licking. This is very similar to the first scene with Claire. Omar licks Niki's pussy from the bum side then he puts in his penis for a few thrusts then slaps his penis gently on her pussy. At least Niki's breathing is more regular and free. Most of the action then happens on the pool table with Omar in different positions. Burt also gets a blowjob. he again comes with some watery spunk on the acne faced Niki. The low lighting again giving a dirty feel to the scene. Omar gives a bigger pool of white stuff coating to Niki. And again this group is interrupted by a 4th party. Omar exits the scene just carrying his discarded clothes.

Scene 3

Stephanie (who sounds Dutch, possibly German) is angry with Omar for fucking Niki. Omar relieves her jealousy by some soft comfort. Stephanie has a nice slim body almost as good as Claire's. Cunt licking is followed by some noisy shagging by a shelf of bottles. Before Omar has time to finish his day's job, Stephanie wants him to finish shagging her. Doggy style with a crooked leg leads to the usual 1 leg standing 1 leg held by the bent knee frontal position. Stephanie breathes like an excited jogger while Omar is a pumping machine. Stephanie, who has an eyebrow and tongue piercing, gives Omar a much more noisy blowjob suck. We get a direct view (from the point of view of Omar) of a nice deep twisty blowjob. We change to a standing 69 position. In what must be a physical strain Omar licks her pussy holding Stephanie upside down sucking his cock. We go to reverse cowgirl on the floor. Burt then gets his dick sucked while Omar films. Burt starts his slappy doggy style thrusting. A watery obscured facial follows for Burt with thicker stuff for Omar. This was my favourite scene, I think, with the gorgeous Stephanie being energetic and voracious.

Scene 4

Omar carries some crates and mumbles about the slave driver Claire who leaves and gives the keys to Rebecca to lock up. Claire squeezes Rebecca's bum as she walks out. Burt zooms in and collides with Rebecca's arse as she plays on a computer game. Omar sees the collision and kisses her arse better. In the conversation these two have, Stephanie is described as Belgian. Stephanie had talked about Omar's cock. The irritating noise of the beat'em up game acompanies Omar kissing Rebecca's breast, Omar soon puts a stop to that noise. This scene is seemingly the best lit of the four with Rebecca having good looking skin. Eager Rebecca gets down to a wetter blowjob. Burt with his usual camera positions comments on the action. Rebecca asks Omar to lick her pussy. This leads to Omar doggy position. This is slightly ruined by the game sound coming on half-way through the average shagging. After a fade and the noise of the game is turned off, we get more vigourous shagging. The usual 1 leg on the floor 1 leg bent in the air position reveals more of the action. Taking her dress off, Omar and Rebecca shag on top of the game console. This is again spoiled by the game console noise. We fade to Omar shagging Rebecca who lays down on 3 stools, vigourous shagging rocks the stools. We get the best camera angle from the back of the 2, an abstract shot of black penis in encapsulating vagina. More near climax shagging ensues. On 2 stools we get Rebecca in the 2nd anal scene of this dvd. The natural light doesn't seem to help the scene as the beautiful arse is penetrated. This quickly goes to Burt getting his cock sucked and a fast cut to him sprinkling Rebecca with his watery seed. Omar follows with a chair wetting facial. Omar goes off to finish his work.

  • Cameraman: Ernie Taylor
  • Music: John Haines
  • Director, Editor, Producer: Omar Williams

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