< Anal Away Days Vol. 1: Road Trip To Sussex R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • The Brighton Trip Television X series
  • Mario's Raunchy Road Trip Vol. 1: Booty Babes USA, VCA, 2003
  • Road Trip To Sussex
  • Super Mario's Roadtrips 1 R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

The gestation of this, the first of Marino Franchi's anarchic 'Road' series, has been so long that I fully expected to see it shot in black and white. The version I have is one of two that were released for the American market (the other is the Surrey Trip). UK releases are now coming thick and fast and the estimable Riley has put up storyboards of all the trips on his website: www.dvdsexystockingtops.com. Full scene by scene description is, therefore, a bit superfluous; so this review is designed to convey the atmosphere and clarify performances.

Marino has removed any narrative and timeline, creating a stream-of-consciousness video. It's not quite as spontaneous as he would have us believe, but it's a simple premise. A group of performers get together, get in a vehicle and head off somewhere and are filmed, over the next day or so, in different places, in different combinations, having sex.

The main group consists of Ria Ferguson, Georgette Neale, Ian (Dirty Dog) Tate, Marino and, behind the camera, Wills. The vehicle is a nice big Mercedes MPV and the destination Brighton.

The sex starts with Ria and Marino in a hotel, then Ian and Georgette arrive and the squad leave for the seaside. In keeping with the general theme of having sex anywhere and anytime, Marino slips his cock into Georgette for no more than a dozen strokes before the group head off. There's plenty of in-car entertainment on the way and some extraordinary scenes in the bushes overlooking the prom as Marino fucks Georgette in public view. In a basement flat, Ian fucks Ria in the shower then Marino joins in; then it's back to the Palace Pier and goodbye Brighton. Back at the hotel the guys have energy left for a foursome with both girls getting dp's.

Having left Ria at London's Kings Cross station, Georgette and Marino spot Beverley Would and Victoria, who claim to be reunited penpals. They are persuaded back to the studio, where both guys and the three girls get stuck in a scene where everyone has everyone else. Both Georgette and Beverley accept anal sex with the former getting both guys up her pussy at the same time.

A British film to gladden the heart, if only every seaside trip was this much fun.

Review by Bayleaf

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