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Released: 2003
Director: Mario del Toro
Notes: Anarchy
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Running time: 109 mins.

Shot in London for American-based Anarchy, Ass to Mouth features five British girls, Angel-Long, Simone, Cat, Emma and Kinky Kerry, in five anal action scenes.

Angel-Long is in the ladies where she is dying for a wank. She enters a cubicle, lifts her shiny charcoal-grey skirt and starts to play with her pussy. Mark marches in thinking he's in the gents, but decides to stay and watch when he sees Angel. This is what Angel has been waiting for. She takes Mark so deep down her throat it makes her eyes water. She perches on the sinks with her legs wide open and Mark takes mouthfuls of her pussy. Angel then bends over the basin to be taken from behind. Fortunately someone has left a large orange rug on the floor which the couple decide to use: spoons in the bum, following some cock cleaning, then Angel rides Mark reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Angel having her tongue covered in cum which she dribbles onto her fingers then drips into her open mouth.

Simone is in the garden on a hot sunny day wearing only a short sleeved safari jacket. As she finger fucks her fanny, Mark joins in slipping his own fingers between her swollen lips. Simone pulls down Mark's pants to fill her mouth with his man meat. Then lying down on the grass it's Mark's turn to work his fingers and tongue into Simone's holes. The pair pound away missionary style. Turning, Simone is then taken from behind, pulling her bum cheeks apart so Mark can access both holes. Now it's Simone's chance to take charge. After licking Mark's dick, she mounts him reverse cowgirl in the bum, her pussy lips quivering as they bang away. Mark eventually fires his load in Simone's mouth but she spits it back then licks it off again.

Cat enters the bedroom wearing a black and white patterned dress and has no problems taking Paul's half-stiff prick in her mouth. A good sucking soon gets the tool erect and ready for action. It's now Paul's turn to get Cat wet and ready. He slips his tongue past the side of Cat's knickers, working it over her clit. Cat is a one-position girl, lying back on the bed with her legs apart. Paul pumps her pussy then bonks her bum before spraying his spunk in her mouth.

In a white T-shirt, denim skirt and black boots, blonde Emma is on bench seats in a bar with Shawn. The couple fondle and finger each other as they strip. Kneeling in front of Shawn, Emma works his cock deep into her mouth before taking it into her pussy. After licking her juices off Shawn's dick it's time for some doggy action. With her breasts bouncing away, Emma is taken up the bum. More licking follows and the two end on the floor where Emma slides Shawn's cock in and out of her arse. Another lick clean and Emma receives a good mouthful.

Kinky Kerry, in her trademark collar, shows why she needs to wear glasses. How else could she pick a tacky fur-trimmed, purple, peephole negligee to wear. After playing with her tits she is joined by Steve and is soon playing with his balls as she runs her pierced tongue over the head of his cock. Steve responds by fingering and licking Kerry's pussy, working his studded tongue across her clit. Kerry says she wants to be submissive and lies back ready to be taken, first in the pussy and then the arse as she fingers herself. After she tastes her own bum Steve covers Kerry's glasses in cum which she then licks clean.

With the exception of Kerry's negligee, this is not a bad film and whilst it does feature A2Ms there is plenty of other stuff to keep the average viewer happy. With 18 minutes of behind-the-scenes extras it should keep you occupied for a couple of hours.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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