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Released: 1993 (re-mastered for DVD 2006)
Notes: Vidco / Caballero Classics
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Running time: 64 mins.

With some of the biggest names from the early 90's such as Rebecca Bardoux, Debi Diamond and Britain's Sharon Brady (as Kiss) appearing, you would have thought Anything Goes would be something worth watching. Unfortunately, it's not. The film is a collection of five 12 minute scenes which look as if they've just been thrown together.

Without any explanation, husky voiced Kiss sits on a garden bench, in her black lingerie. Beside her is Rebecca Bardoux in a flowery summer dress. Chatting away, the conversation turns to sex. For some unknown reason Kiss has stuffed a strap-on into her handbag. The girls decide to use it. Lying down on the grass, the pair bite at each other's boobs. Pulling down Kiss's black knickers, Rebecca buries her tongue and fingers her fanny. Fastening on the strap-on, Kiss gets Rebecca onto all fours and starts to bang away. Her thrusts pop her boobs out of her black bra. She licks them while she fucks. The two collapse in a heap. The scene abruptly ends.

Not only do the scenes make little sense, the picture and sound quality leave a lot to be desired. The film claims to have been re-mastered for DVD but from the muffled tones and slightly fuzzy appearance, it must have been copied from a tired VHS recording. Anything Goes is not really worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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