< Amsterdam-Paris Sex Connection DVD available

Released: 1990s (late)
Director: Helen Duval
Alternate Titles
  • Paris-Amsterdam capitales du sexe DVD available Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Helen Duval meets a French redhead at Schipol and they wander round Amsterdam, going into a sex shop which Kirstyn Halborg has just entered with her bloke. We see Helen and her friend buying sex toys from the two males behind the counter and then the camera pulls back to see Kirstyn sucking her friend's cock. One of the shop assistants comes over to persuade them to stop but is persuaded to join in. Kirstyn takes a DP both ways round and facials.

Helen and her friend try out their toys and then the redhead, alone, phones up the sex shop and asks round the two men whom she had seen fucking Kirstyn. Reverse cowgirl DP and facial.

The redhead then tells Helen of an experience she had in a cafe. Lisa Stretton and male enter and begin to look at a porn mag at the counter. They have sex there and then (including anal on the counter top) watched by the male behind the counter and two male customers and the French redhead who masturbates. Lisa takes a facial.

Helen goes off to Paris to meet her redheaded friend and Olivia del Rio.

A brunette enters a hotel and has a drink with the male receptionist - this turns into a sex scene. She invites him to a party. Helen, Lea Martini, another blonde and Olivia del Rio are also present and it turns into an orgy.

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